The S.O.S. of Unpacking Summer

We know first-hand how trips can breed clutter. Travel receipts, souvenirs and your unworn, still-packed clean clothes can trip you up big time if you don’t un-pack.

Having just returned from a few days in the Poconos mountains we know what it’s like to come home and want to slide right into your regular life. Our personal lives and the professional work we do has taught us the “Suitcase on the Stairs” trap and we want to save you from it.


Unpack…Everything: This means your suitcase, your backpack, your carry-on. Unless you have a toiletries bag that is 100% duplicate, you need to unpack your products. Avoid living out of your Dopp kit once you’re home.

Clean…Anything that’s dirty: Get soiled clothing into the laundry flow so it’s set for its next wearing. Depending on the nature of your trip, you’ll have:
• laundry to wash at home
• dry cleaning to send out or drop off
• a car in need of a vacuum
These are simple tasks that you should not delay.

Decide…and set a date: If you purchased souvenirs display them or store them in your gift closet. If you picked up promotional products on a business trip, bring them to your office. Deliver items to colleagues and clients before their novelty wears off.

When you let clutter take over — like papers, travel bags yet to be unpacked, and items to return or pass along to friends — you complicate your daily tasks. Just like you honored a date to start your vacation, set a date by which you’ll handle everything to officially end your trip. 

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