Where to Store Your Stuff

Realtors will tell you location is everything. Organizers agree! Everything you own deserves a home.


Beach-Front property is your most valuable space: When you use something on a daily basis you can’t afford to lose time searching for and reaching these things. Find the best spot for these high-use, high value items. Imagine you are literally at the beach…nothing should block your view.
• Clear everything else away so the focus on your essentials.
• Be consistent replacing this stuff to its proper home after each use.
• Don’t allow a single barrier to get between you and 
We want you to be comfortable going on “auto-pilot” reaching for your reading glasses, car keys, and daily meds.


Prime real estate is your next level of valuable space: You need access to these items on a weekly basis so if you have to stack, put primary use items ON TOP. Make sure you can easily see, grab, use these books, tools and clothes. Think:
• Eye-level shelving

• Top desk drawers
• Easiest-to-reach sections of your closet

Out of sight or remote locations may require effort to reach because they’re less frequently or even rarely accessed. Categories include previous years taxes in basement file cabinets and off-season clothing in attic bins. Camp duffles and holiday decorations fit this category.
• Put monthly items in easier reach than seasonal
• Give seasonal items better access than annual

Leave Less to Memory:

If you fear out of sight means out of mind, we suggest you create a list recording “Where it Lives.” It could be as simple as:
• a word document on your computer
• an electronic note on your phone
• a hand-written note inside a relevant filed folder
We like anything that jogs your memory for:
—  foreign currency for your next trip
—  headrests for a car’s back seat if you removed them for extra trunk space
—  the charger for pooch’s invisible fence

It’s okay to let go:

If, while you are assigning homes and deciding where things should live, you realize…“I don’t need this is my life anymore” — Let it Go!

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