Put That Back – Where it Belongs

We’re not talking about that second cookie…
We mean anything that is out of place:
Clean laundry – Make room in your dresser.
The blow-up bed – Store it in the linen closet.
Your latest (impulse) purchase – Take it back.
Sue’s platter from hosting book club – Return it. 





When too many things remain out:
• out of their regular storage home
• out of their packaging
• in the hallway
• on your desk — instead of filed away…
bad things can happen.

Worse than the item getting lost or damaged (and un-returnable), it gets in your way. It distracts you from your commitment to keep surfaces clear. It can become a magnet, attracting more things that haven’t been put back. And then you’re in a state of overwhelm.

What can you put back today?
Pick one room, one surface, one item and put it back:
• on its shelf
• with its original owner

• or returned to the store

Your reward will be greater than the refund, or the thanks from your friend…You will gain freedom from your stuff!

Tell us what you’re putting back today.

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