3 Weeks til Passover, Time to Plan


3 week countdown 2015 Passover
First Seder, Friday, April 3 — is in 3 weeks. This is part 2 of our 5 week Seder-Guide of how and what to prepare for the most widely observed Jewish holiday of the year.

  • Plan your Menu. 

— Start to build your menu so you have an idea of what you need to purchase, which elements you can delegate (wine, centerpieces, afikomen gifts), and if you want to cater any portions of the meal; you need to place your orders soon!

This is not the time to suddenly go gourmet. You will want some dishes to prepare on “auto-pilot.” Think of your family’s simplest favorites and modify them for the holiday.

  • Create a Passover Station. 

— Remove any Passover items from your cabinets (left over from last year or recently purchased)

– Create a separate table (or space) for items that are Kosher for Passover: both from your existing pantry AND new items you purchase for the holiday

With Passover items out of the way you will see the pastas, grains, and snacks to ‘eat down’
  • Make things easier on yourself. 
    — Prep the areas where guests will stay.

    — Declutter your dining room (now, not when you’re also dealing with Passover cleaning).

    — Clear access to the areas where your Passover items are stored.

If yon’t know where to start to de-stress your holiday, call us. We are experts at helping you plan for and think through the holiday. 610-896-6896

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