Backsliding isn’t Fatal — it’s Natural

Expect slip-ups but don’t get stuck in a rut.

Learn to build healthy habits.

Backsliding is when your organizing efforts slip a bit: Once you’ve made progress…you need to stay on top of maintenance. Keeping that area orderly must become a habit. Some clients pronounce a newly organized spot (drawer, floor area, countertop) as ‘sacred space’ to remind them to be vigilant about clutter that might creep back.

Expect to slip-up: It’s natural when a things pile up…but you’ll want to limit it to just a few. Think of organizing like exercising — see it as a process, not an end result.

No one ever “got in shape” without having to continue staying fit. It’s the same with organizing. You don’t arrive at a spot called ‘organized’ and remain there for long without putting in time and energy. Like exercise, routine is the best remedy.

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