Plan a No-Stress Passover

Don’t fear that Passover is in 3 weeks. Our weekly tips will guide you toward a calm holiday.

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  • Secure your invites for Seder or make your travel plans now. Extend invitations to the family members and friends with whom you want to share this holiday. If you are hosting, you may want to contact your synagogue or area colleges to offer an extra seat or two at your Seder table.
  • Stop purchasing leavened products.Your countertops may still be overflowing with hamentashen and other sweets from Purim. Use up what you have in the house and resist the urge to do full shopping runs (especially of leavened products).
  • Check out our Planning Passover countdown:
    Important dates leading up to Passover

Don’t know where to start to de-stress your holiday? Call us. We are experts at hosting, serving, and cleaning-up from big events like Seder. 610-896-6896. 

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