March Madness and Our Own Elite 8

Let these questions champion your efforts as you define your possessions.

1. Do you use it?
2. Do you love it?
A “yes” to either of these earns a guaranteed spot on the team.
3. Has it expired?
Cut expired food, medicines, fashions, make-up, and obsolete electronics from your roster.
4. Does it fit?
5. Is it flattering?
Questions 4 and 5 need not apply exclusively to your wardrobe. Really, you’re asking if things fit your lifestyle. Sometimes entire collections represent an old hobby that’s irrelevant to your current interests.
6. Could you easily replace it?
7. Is it still valuable to you?
8. Is it easy to maintain?

Give yourself time to accomplish your goal. Each week, as new tournaments are played make your ‘team cuts.’ Try out the feeling of having less on your shelf, less in your collection, and less on your mind.

In the end YOU will be the winner. March Madness ends on Saturday, April 5. Don’t throw in the towel if the tournament ends while you’re still deciding what to keep. Decisions take time. If you don’t declutter on a regular basis your organizing muscles aren’t at peak performance. Practice will perfect your skills.

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