IN-One — Out-One

Confessions of a Professional Organizer

Our fridge died…(not a tragic death) — a slow, pain-in-the-neck, leaking death — which fortunately gave us time to shop for its replacement – shout out to Queens appliance. I love our new fridge…but there was an adjustment period. Welcoming new things into any home can be exciting IF you remember the rule: IN One — OUT One.

Getting rid of our old fridge involved some coordination. We wanted to make sure it was properly re-purposed. Thank you PECO for the $35 rebate!

Adjusting took a week. Even though the new appliance is beautiful — and ridiculously clean in that sparkly, hurt-your-eyes way — all of the dimensions were different. We couldn’t put things away as we had for the last 12 years. 

Rethinking how we store left-overs: While there is more room in our new refrigerator, it’s not the same room. No longer could we double-stack our tupperware. Once I recognized the problem, I could focus on a solution and make a healthy switch. Rectangular, lidded, glass storage containers were the answer. I found what I wanted 2 months ago but I hadn’t the time to ‘move them in’ properly.

Out with the old: This winter break our family made the big transition. Our plastic tupperwares found new life inside drawers as dividers and catch-alls for small items.

In with the new: We like storing lids with their bottoms so there’s never a search for a match. The glass containers now live above the sink. Once we assigned ‘homes’ to the new storage containers, we showed the kids where the new items live so they’re able to cook, (reheat safely), pack-up, and clean up on their own.

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