Client Trend: Unpacking…finally

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With the unusually high volume of calls that start out: “I need your help unpacking” we’ve discovered a strength we have for these delayed unpacks.

Even though you KNOW you’ve lived without it for a year – you’re not positive what’s in those boxes and you haven’t had the time or the energy to explore them on your own. Here’s where we come in to help transform your ‘new’ (or new-ish) space into a comfortable living environment:

The remaining boxes usually contain artwork, lots of books, and extra housewares — purchased AND inherited.

• Regarding artwork — now that you’re comfortable in your new surroundings, you want to transform your house or apartments into a HOME. You are ready to take the time to reframe it and decide where to hang it. We often help with these aesthetic decisions from unpack to artwork hung.

• Regarding books — you might enjoy having access to them but you recognize you’ve got limited shelf space. These books aren’t reference or relevant to your current profession but they have been a part of your life for decades. We have tried and true tactics to help you pare down your collection to the essentials.

• Regarding sentimental inherits —NOW that you have room it’s time to decide which piece best represents that cherished relative. We help you find homes for the keepers. Our commitment to being green organizers means we avoid adding to landfills. We sensitively take care of your discards for donation to local charities and find homes for the things that you are ready to let go. More on this next week!

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