Our Clients Ask the BEST Questions!

"From Kelly"
Client questions push us to teach how we know what we know.

Carole (not her real name) works with us on a regular basis to assess new purchases and pack for power business trips. Often when we decide a suit or top isn’t worth keeping, Carole asks: “How do you KNOW that?” Carole is really asking:
• How can she determine, on her own, what fits her body?
• What should she look for in future purchases?
• How can she tell if an item will fit into what she already owns?

Our answers always reflect the goal of the outfit based on the event:
• If you’re presenting to peers over lunch — how do you want to be regarded? powerful, competent, assertive
• If you’re interviewing for a new position — what do you want to convey through your appearance? put together, pays attention to details
• If you’re headed into the city (N.Y. not Philly) — are you spending all day walking or shopping? In either case you’ll want comfortable and easy-on/easy-off clothing that is fashion forward.

Joy and Kelly’s trained artistic eyes translate to the body; we consider fit, fabric, and form to help you put your best foot forward. We never want to clutter your closet with one-and-done pieces that aren’t versatile. Classic, conservative, cutting edge…whatever stance you need to take, we can outfit you. And of course, with every new entry into your closet, we’ll encourage you to let go of “an oldie and no longer goodie.”

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