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"From Kelly"

 What’s irritating you?

Jocelyn (not her real name) worked with us for months to get her home office in shape and was feeling good but still had some hot spots to handle. Unfortunately, every area seemed a priority. While we decided which problem to solve, Jocelyn had an ‘aha’ moment that birthed one of our favorite prompts:

“You know what’s really irritating me?” she asked aloud: “My pantry”

And so began one of our favorite kitchen reorganization projects of 2013. Our excitement wasn’t just the thrill of tossing expired food, gathering grab-and-go energy snacks for her children and labeling them in handy tupperware tubs. Our shared joy was how we were solving a real IRRITANT in Jocelyn’s life. She was using our time to more than improve the function and look of a room; she was tackling an itch — a pain that was a daily irritant to her family life. The pantry revamp was a huge success; meal time prep, picnic pack outs, and heading out the door stocked with snacks became a cinch.

And a trend was born: “What’s irritating you?”

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