APR: A Pantry Revamp

Labels and risers make even deep shelves easy to access.

This APR, invest in A Pantry Revamp! It won’t cost much more than time. And we promise, following our advice will feed you!

Notebook on kitchen counter with fresh ingredients.

Passover, Easter and sheltering at home present the perfect pre-holiday and quarantine-induced motivation to be intentional about what and where you store edibles.

Pantry Revamp Benefits:

Tuning in to your household’s nutritional needs and tastes offers instant pay-offs…The larger your household, the greater the benefit
Stress levels go way down
Meal prep gets easier 
Maintenance becomes manageable
Decrease food waste

Pantry Revamp Parameters:

Use a pre-school approach by creating zones. Which zones you define are yours to decide; no two pantries need be the same but every pantry requires these 5 steps.

1. Get Set
You’ll need a designated surface to sort your goods.
• A study card table or folding banquet table works so you don’t hold your kitchen or dining room table hostage for the duration of the project.

2. Clear Out
While you’re emptying your shelves, cabinets, drawers or closet:
• Eliminate expired foods, spices and condiments.
• Group like with like

3. Clean Up
Wipe out every surface before you move anything back in

4. Sort and Decide
This is the MEAT of the project — even if you’re vegetarian. All of your decisions get made about where your zones will live and what zones make the most sense.
• Don’t be afraid to consult with other family members.
• Group like with like.
• Admit when you won’t make something and eliminate it from your stockpile; we grant permission to let it go!

5. Put Back and Label by Category 
• Channel our favorite approach of using what you have on hand to containerize, categorize and store your faves within reach.
• Move each variety of food into its new storage home according to how often you use it or who needs to reach it.
• Label Your Categories so everyone in your household understands how to put things away.
• Ensure that what you need most is in easiest reach

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