Organize Your Kitchen for a Healthier 2019

The What, Where and How of Staying True to Resolutions

Be S.M.A.R.T. about Healthy Resolutions
• Get specific about YOUR health conscious goals
— work on your greatest weaknesses first: drink more water, pack a (healthier) lunch,
make time to exercise
• Celebrate small changes to form lifelong healthy habits

Make Healthy Options Easy to Find
• Store nutritious options within easy reach
— what you SEE first you will EAT first:
      make sure it’s healthy 
• Pay attention to portions, sugar and fat contents
— too much of a good thing may not be good for you

Streamline Daily & Weekly Routines:
• Create zones for every activity:
— taking vitamins or medication
— packing a lunch for school or work 
— exercise (hydration and nutrition for work-outs)
— making coffee
— feeding a pet (these family members need to be healthy too!)

A well-stocked kitchen should NOT be crowded. 
Clutter is like cholesterol— it blocks the flow of meal prep and can create a toxic environment. Don’t let it build-up. And try to have fun tweaking your systems!

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