JULY: Justify Unconditionally Loving Your…STUFF

Use all of JULY to Justify Unconditionally Loving Your STUFF.

While you may love people unconditionally, STUFF is different. We think you should justify why you love your stuff.

• Stuff takes up time, energy and space.
People also take up time and energy but most people have more clothes or books than friends crowding their life.

Friends don’t take up much space when we’re not engaged with them — but belongings do. So we NEED to curate our stuff. 

This JULY: Justify Unconditionally Loving Your Stuff

Here’s How:
1. Think about the value each item has in your life
2. Evaluate if the value is worth the investment of time to maintain, space to store or energy to use the item
3. If your physical space makes you crazy, identify what category of items is the culprit.
– Focus on making sure everything in that category belongs.
– If you need help, there is a quick-read book: “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning” that teaches the importance of deciding what to keep.  

Our $0.02:  
Usually what is OUT is what makes us crazy.
• It’s OUT because we haven’t figured out what to do with itso use July to figure out whether to donate it or sell it (we can help with both options).

If you’re not struggling with stuff: make JULY your time to reclaim what you love about yourself, celebrate your strengths and focus on the positives and Just Unconditionally Love Yourself.

More to come: this month we’ll be reviewing Marie Kondo’s book about sparking Joy and sharing tips on the KonMari method.

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