Celebrate Interdependence!

We just celebrated our nation’s independence. We are grateful to live as free citizens; we value liberty! But an overly independent attitude can get in the way of success…and true freedom.

Let’s liberate ourselves from the crutch of independence and embrace interdependence.


Interdependence is being mutually reliant on others. To us, it is the healthiest and most positive way to accomplish everything in life. Interdependence values asking for help and offering assistance where you are able. We all want to be strong. We each have strengths, positive traits and healthy habits…but when we don’t have people around us to model better living, healthier habits or stronger traits, we can only survive, not thrive.And we want everyone to THRIVE! The path to success shouldn’t be a lonely road nor one we walk aloneReach out. Ask for help. 

We ask for help all the time:

• from family: When Kelly has a heavy work week, Joy makes us Friday night dinner. 

• from friends: We share our Costco shopping list with friends who will routinely pick up bulk grocery items when out in K of P.

• in our business: If anything has to do with numbers, we turn to our accounting experts; math is not our strength.

from tech guru’s (aka: Kelly’s kids): anything electronic gets asked of Joy’s grand-kids who are tech savvy and pretty patient teachers. 

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