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• Bridging the ADHD Communication Gap
Communication can be difficult. When one partner is neuro-typical and the other is not, mutual understanding can be a challenge! Have smoother conversations and gain deeper empathy.

• What Lies Do We Tell Ourselves and Others?
We all lie sometimes. From ADHD expert, Dr. Ari Tuckman, we’ll share how good intentions can backfire. When we lie, our self esteem and our relationships suffer a price.

• Conquer Your E-mail Overwhelm

There is a debate about whether to file or use search capabilities.
Based on your preference,
 how do you build a reliable recall system?

• Empower Grieving People to Organize with Joy 
Death and loss are powerfully emotional events…which makes releasing
inherited clutter painful to let go. Holding on to too much of our past can
crowd our “now” and our “future.”

Joy and Kelly

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