Being Green Doesn’t Cost Extra

It doesn’t cost extra to be nice and at Joy In Your Space, it doesn’t cost (you) extra.

The only thing it costs is time…our time — and we give it up for Mother Nature:
• We don’t charge extra for finding homes for your broken plates.
• We don’t charge for supporting local art centers.
• We don’t charge for donating office supplies to city schools.

How we’ve recycled and repurposed some client donations:


Stamps and coins usually turn up in any household ready to downsize…or “right-size” as is now the term.
• Did you know that Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts can earn a merit badge for a stamp or coin collection?
— When the monetary return of one of your collections is not worth the “cash-in value” you can do good by allowing a scout to earn a badge.

Broken items

While some broken things have little value once they are busted, we get creative…especially when what’s broken, or obsolete, has multiple or interesting parts.
• last summer we donated 70+ metal clips from dismantled floppy disks so campers could make cool jewelry from our client’s “trash”
Any time you break a plate or chip a tea-cup, call us! We love to fill the “mosaic” bin at the Main Line Art Center.
• Keeping artists happy and well “fed” with supplies makes us happy.
— We’ve even donated whole sets of chipped dishes from basements, attics and garages.

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