Step into Spring in Style

With Joy’s 4 Fashion Do’s
Joy is a master at working with all ages to determine and teach what is the best LOOK and FIT for you. She has a great eye, she’s sensitive to fabric, color, and pattern, and she pays attention to details.

  1. Do: Love everything you own
  2. Do: Invest in foundation pieces
  3. Do: Use seasonal accessories
  4. Do: Admit when it’s time to shift sizes up or down

With Joy’s 4 Fashion Do’s

  1. Don’t stress over what to wear this Spring 
  2. Don’t compromise on fit or comfort
  3. Don’t wear anything that doesn’t make you feel good 
  4. Don’t dwell on bad purchases

Joy will teach you how to welcome Spring into your wardrobe. 

While Joy is naturally stylish…she is also a teacher at heart. She knows how to show you what’s best ON YOU. Her experience making her own clothes (and young Kelly’s) and her study of design have sharpened her eye to the “architecture” of silhouettes.

Foundation pieces in neutrals are the basis for your wardrobe. Joy puts folded clothes on the top shelf of her closet.

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