A dangerous statement: “I’ll put this here for now”

Clutter is postponed decisions. If you are working to reduce clutter in your life (at home or at work) you MUST decide what to keep, what to toss, and where to store your keepers. Saying “I’ll put this here for now” is dangerous because:
• it invites procrastination
• it allows you to avoid following through
• you waste time by doubling the effort needed to put it away
• you’re tricking yourself into thinking you ARE dealing with your stuff when you’ve only moved an item from one spot to another (think clogged hall or piled table)

When is it legal to say ‘for now’
Here’s a common scenario:
You decide to keep something; you even settle on the best place to store it BUT the ultimate permanent home for your object is already crammed full (perhaps even with ancient or obsolete items). You feel overwhelmed at making room for your object.
Now you’re out of time, you need to leave for an important event, and you are FORCED to say: “I’ll put this here for now.”
If you are legitimately pressed for time, make sure you label the item with a bright sticky note and make yourself a calendar note to deal with putting the item in its rightful spot as soon as you can (same day efforts are best!)

Stop playing with fire
Get yourself out of danger by asking yourself these questions:
When would I need it?
Where do I use/store similar items?
How often will i need access to it?
Based on your answers a rightful home should emerge.
If our questions don’t help you narrow down where to store something…it may be time for our professional assistance.
We thrive on helping people decide how and where to store their belongings.
We are queens are maximizing storage space.
We are also plenty helpful at carting off donations once you’ve made the wise decision that something has run its useful course in your possession.

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