Dollhouse ‘Rules’

The Fourth Dollhouse-Inspired-Rule:

4. Experiment!
• Using rooms for different purposes can be smart:
— if the natural light is better for crafting, add a work surface
— if a corner lends itself to snuggling with a book, add a comfy chair
— if you’re tired of wall to wall carpeting, make a change

What my kids got out of playing…Together Time.


We have Nana Joy to thank for creating a warm and welcoming home. She also found value in storing my doll house and ALL of its accessories. By the time my kids finished playing with it, most window treatments were “lovingly” removed.

Our kids learned, rooms are to be:
• lived in
• played with
• shifted for family changes

The way you set up your house depends on your story.

How does your house reflect your life story?

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