Create Peace and Achieve Balance

Using yoga as inspiration, this conference course taught organizers techniques to enhance our client relations. Modeled like an exercise class — with a warm up, stretch session, intense (mental) work out and cool down — there were some stand-out lessons worth sharing:

peace and balance visual standing pose at sunset

Achieve Balance
Learn to make adjustments:
• small physical changes
• mental shifts
• adapt to new situations

All of this advice, we thought, is about becoming more flexible. If we are too rigid in our expectations, or our approaches to new situations, we block our ability to bend toward a solution. You can stretch toward your goals when you know change is not your enemy. Having a flexible mind and being open to suggestions can significantly enhance the power of trying on a new habit or technique. 

Helping you achieve balance: You’ve heard us say, “getting organized” is like “getting in shape.” We pride ourselves on coaching you through that process of flexing new muscles when you start to organize your home life, your work spaces, and your time.

Create Peace
Peace and a stress-free mindset come from focusing on gratitude.

standing pose on rocksWhen you operate from a position of “I am enough” and “I have enough” you can see possibilities far grander than when your situation is viewed as “wrong” and “your fault.” Attitude has a lot to do with your ability to change your situation (physical and mental).

We create peace in your life: Much of our work is hands on manipulation of your stuff in your space. Our job is also to share our positive attitudes. Even if some things in life piled up higher than you’d like, it doesn’t make you a bad person. Your situation is not hopeless. Together, we can create a peaceful work environment. A cozy space to read. A nurturing place to feed yourself and your family. And a relaxing place to rejuvenate from the hard work that you do. 

Feed the Mind and Body

Stay physically present and positive.

Quote: If it is important to you, you will find a way.Take care of basic biology, your energy, and your emotions. You can’t work hard when you’re exhausted or distracted by hunger.
• arrive at tasks with a comfortably full tank
• protect your sleep

Do what we do:
• always have a snack at the ready

• treat sleep like a sacred enterprise
(you will be amazed at how many fewer times you misplace things
• be honest about your emotional level
Acknowledge when just the thought of a task or project makes you anxious. Voicing how you feel is a first step toward doing what (you know) really needs to get done.

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