Conquer Email Overwhelm

red toolkit is open showing "tools"At our 2016 NAPO Conference, fellow organizer, Pam Holland shared Five Strategies to Get Down with Digital Clutter

1. Identify your “prime working time” or best brain part of the day and check email AFTER completing important tasks

2. Use a timer when processing email
• decide how long you have
and stick to a time limit
• consider the time
you are willing to devote to checking email

3. Unsubscribe from things you are not reading

4. Follow David Allen’s advice and empty your email  inbox daily

5. Establish goals before you open email

  • Pam’s final tip is really important.
    Your goals should differentiate between archiving and deleting versus responding and taking action based on your in-box.
  • With that in mind, each email session may have a different purpose:

    1. Your morning email check might be to become aware of anything time sensitive.

    2. A quick afternoon email check may focus on deleting spam and shopping prompts.

    3. Your late afternoon email check could be to archive interesting articles for later reading and exploration.

    4. A “before you wrap up your day” email check would be to capture necessary info onto your calendar or to-do list.

    While we’re not suggesting you check email 4 times a day, we are advising you chunk your actions when checking email. Don’t try to do EVERYTHING in one sitting.



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