Hurricane Sandy Gifts Found Time

When all of your plans get cancelled it’s a bit like receiving the gift of found time…but how best to use it? If your basement is dry we suggest you take advantage of being home-bound.

Laundry Room, Kitchen and Hall Closets are our top picks for a rainy-day decluttering. These high traffic areas are magnets for STUFF.

Laundry Room

• finally dump your lonely sock bin

• put away any summer or fall items that have lingered unnecessarily

• package any surplus hangers to donate back to your dry cleaner

• make sure your drawers and cabinets can close

• wipe down your appliances and sweep the floor—enjoy this clean feeling


• clear out one junk drawer

• empty and wipe down your fridge: dispose of any spills and spoils

Though normally not fans of multi-tasking, you could have a nice hearty soup simmering on the stove while you:

• check your pantry for expired foods.

Hall Closet:

This space typically collects LOTS of clutter and often doesn’t get cleared out completely. With most of your family indoors—TODAY it is the perfect time to ask:

• “what still fits?” and “who still uses/needs this?”

You’ll be amazed how many outgrown items you find.

 Your focus on these spaces is to:

• Clear the floor.

• Eliminate piles from flat surfaces (by finally DECIDING what to keep).

• Donate your cast-offs.

…just because YOU don’t need it anymore doesn’t mean it’s trash. When the storm is over you can donate it appropriately to a friend, a thrift shop or outdoor donation bin (our personal favorites are the MADD bin behind the Wynnewood Post Office and the clothing and toy bin at the top Lord & Taylor parking lots in Bala)

If you’ve been on top of your Hurricane Sandy preparations and your Laundry Room, Kitchen and Hall Closet are in GREAT shape…check out your bedside tables or bathroom cabinet. These areas often get ignored but they make a huge impact on our morning and evening routines.

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