Joy’s Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Joy is a master at working with all ages to determine and teach what is the best LOOK and FIT for you. She has a great eye, she’s sensitive to fabric, color, and pattern, and she pays attention to details. 

Joy in her happy place, surrounded by clothing and accessories.

While Joy is naturally stylish…she is also a teacher at heart. She knows how to show you what’s best ON YOU. Her experience making her own clothes (and young Kelly’s) and her study of design have sharpened her eye to the “architecture” of silhouettes.

Follow Joy’s Fashion Advice:

  1. Invest in foundation pieces – these are the basics in your wardrobe
  2. Use seasonal accessories to your advantage to stay fresh and current
  3. Admit when it’s time to shift sizes up or down — including undergarments
  4. Be honest about what you don’t wear…even if it’s new
  5. Take care of your clothes: hang, fold, and properly clean items
  6. Know where to look for deals (or ask Joy!)

close up hanging tops and scarves Joy puts sweater away




  1. DON’T: Compromise fit 
  2. DON’T: Sacrifice comfort 
  3. DON’T: Wear anything that doesn’t make you feel good
  4. DON’T: Dwell on bad purchases
  5. DON’T: Keep things in your primary spaces that don’t fit
  6. DON’T: Wait too long to donate or offer clothes for resale

Joy can tell you what is destined for donation or worthy of resale:
The more current your giveaways, the more benefit they bring recipients. You also earn more at resale. We love turning your closet clutter into cash.

Invite Joy into your closet — call 610-745-1236

• Discover your foundation pieces.
• Spice up your wardrobe with what you already own.
• Treat yourself to a professional seasonal swap.

Joy holds scarf

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