Pack Up Hanukkah in 3 Easy Steps

Hang on to the image of candles glowing in your window, but not the clutter that comes with holiday entertaining with our 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1

Celebrate!  Hopefully you already made a great, fun mess!

Step 2

Clean ‘n Polish  Take care to remove dripped wax and shine tarnished silver (unless you love the memory of Hanukkah’s past). Kelly likes using hot water to remove drips, Joy prefers “freezing” the wax off. What’s your method?


Step 3

Protect and Package  Don’t let once-a-year items crowd prime real estate; pack menorot and decorations away in a dust-free zone. Attics and garages are great out-of-the-way spaces for holiday decorations — a temperature controlled spot is best for storing surplus candles.


If you can’t easily reach your holiday storage space or you want to re-envision how you pack away holiday decorations, call us to help you get in shape for your next celebration.

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