Fashion Lessons from Your Fridge

Your fridge is full of storage lessons for keeping fashion fresh. Apply these principles to your wardrobe:


Rule 1 Toss expired items
Spoiled food can make you sick, what is the consequence for wearing “expired” clothing? Think first impressions. If you are a dynamic and creative problem-solver, don’t walk out of the house looking like you’re stuck in the past and set in your ways.

Rule 2  Respect the Space
We often expect our closets and dressers to magically expand to fit everything we own. In most fridges, if you overload the top shelf, the temperature gets wacky and things start to freeze. It sends a clear message: “Don’t Stuff Me.” When you add to your closet, ask:
• Do items look fresh enough to wear?
• Are you able to access things without battling hangers?

• Can you see everything for the current season?

Rule 3  Temper Your Emotions
When food spoils, you may:
• get upset

• rethink whether you over-bought
• regret the waste

Wasting food is a shame on many levels…use emotions to motivate your rethinking future purchases. Usually the time spent cleaning a science experiment is enough of a price to pay. 

When it comes to your clothes, pack up poorly made purchases and pass them along to a donation center or an eBay seller. Don’t dwell on the loss (of that fantasy weight or the money spent)…think positively of the space you’re making for better choices.

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