4 Steps to Organized

A peek into Kelly’s “re-done” medicine chest:

1. Empty the space entirely.

2. Start with a clean slate by scrubbing, wiping, or vacuuming your space. Cleaning is it’s own reward toward an organized space.

step 1. start by emptying your medicine chest








3. Only put back what you absolutely use. I used the bottom two shelves for my everyday items because that is the prime real estate in my cabinet. I also created zones for dental, hair and then skin care.

step 3. put back what you use on a daily basis








4. Add your favorites — sparingly! I added back my occasional hair products, some additional remedies, plus make-up and skin care items that demand weekly (but not daily) use. I’ve maintained my zones and I am not storing ANY duplicates (they stay under the sink til I need them).

Step 4. add back everything else you use on a weekly to monthly basis but don't over stock!








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