An Organized Organizer’s Confessions

My closet isn’t (always) perfect…

I’ve made some poor fashion purchases over the years: Just ask my mother! But you don’t have to be tied to your less than ideal decisions of the past. You have my permission to let go. Part with the misguided choices, bad buys, and remnants of your youth; go-ahead and purge mistakes, even if they were expensive. 

If you let go of what doesn’t fit, flatter or bring you joy — you will get:
• more compliments
• more space on your hanging rod
• a clearer vision of what fits your lifestyle
• Chi! That fabulous feng shui energy that invites creativity

If you don’t believe me, let us show you the power of eliminating excess from your closet. Without judgment, we will help you weed any items that don’t belong. Sometimes you need permission to embrace space and calm.

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