Clutter Control DOs and DON’Ts

If you DON’T want clutter — DO something about it!.

Don’t allow things to build up: When you let clutter take over — like papers, travel bags yet to be unpacked, and items to return — you complicate your daily tasks. If you need motivation, set a date by which you want everything handled and treat it like a hard deadline. We advise putting returns (especially on-line packages that must be returned by mail) in your car so they are ONE step closer to their destination — and you’re one step closer to a refund.

Follow the in-one, out-one rule: Each time you acquire something — it doesn’t have to be new, it can just be new to you — decide what you already own that can go to a charity or a friend — so you maintain order. If you’re really overwhelmed, adopt an in-one out-TWO rule until you feel more in control.


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