Routine Connections

You may not think of laundry and gardening as ways to fight clutter. They can be…if you make a routine out of it. 

Meditate over laundry
Carve out mind-FULL time. Folding laundry — though a chore — can be a relief from your hectic schedule because it is so mindless that it allows mind-full reflection. The other benefit is being able to sleep in a bedroom without baskets littering the floor.
Follow our laundry folding tips:
  •  separate items into categories: socks, underwear, shirts, pants, shorts
  •  fold each category
  •  put those neat piles away in groups
     It’s okay if the socks and underwear get tossed into the drawer.
Dig-in to Introspection 
Play in the dirt to get grounded. Don’t bite off the whole yard…
  • weed a walkway
  • plant a decorative or herb container
Do anything that lets you connect with nature. Five minutes is all you need to shut out the crowding thoughts of the day and marvel at nature. This ‘grounding’ exercise will allow you to get back in touch with the earth and yourself to calm mental clutter.

As problem solvers, we’re always trying to teach HOW to cut clutter (while offering motivation to establish healthy routines). Stay tuned! Next week we’re talking about routine connections with family. Let us know how folding and digging helped you declutter a small part of your home or outdoor ‘rooms.’

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